Friday, December 16, 2011

That's What She Said

When I first became pregnant with Bobby, I joined the Babycenter Community (BBC), specifically the September 2008 babies board.  It was, like all birth boards, full of drama, catfights and crazy hormones. 

After the babes were born and some crazy, stalker/troll like shenanigans, a group of us split off into a private group so that we could openly share in each others lives. We "talk" to each other every day and share all our important ( and some not so important) life events with each other.   We laugh, cry, bicker, tease, fight and make up.  We give and take advice. We offer a shoulder to cry on and ear that will listen. We live all over the world. 

One of my favorite games we play, now that our September babes are fully vocal and do not yet know of innuendos, is "TWSS"

Just now he hit my nose and said "I banged you". TWSS

Yesterday, he wanted up into my lap..."I want in you"  TWSS

"I'm playin wis my balls!" TWSS

Sometimes it's fun to act like a teenage boy! 

What seemingly innocent yet inappropriate little gems have you caught your kids saying?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

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