Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More to the story...

So I decided I need to add Bobby's birth story.  I think it would help to fully understand why Patrick's birth was so life changing...
So I'm working on it now and will post it soon.

In other good news, I've lost all my pregnancy weight plus an additional 5 pounds and  haven't even started exercising yet (except for some limited stretching).  I planned on starting on Monday when B goes back to school but this has motivated me to start sooner.  Since B is at my mom's for the night - I plan on doing some yoga in the morning before he gets home.  I've really missed yoga and have been doing the breathing / meditation when I nurse- it seems to help with my let down.  I've done a little stretching especially after nursing since my arms and shoulders are cramped up.

Now, I'm off to Target to replace the 3 burnt out lights in our kitchen.  Jacob put regular compact fluorescents in and they are so bright and they don't dim.  We definitely need to correct that.  Plus I need a pot for the calla lily  Maggie gave me.

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