Monday, January 31, 2011

What a beautiful weekend!

65 degrees in JANUARY!?!

I'll take it!

Saturday, Bobby and I headed up to Lotus of Life for an adjustment. I love this place. Liliana is the proprietor and is absolute dream to have as part of my support for my pregnancy. I started seeing her about halfway through . The random sciatica issues that I've had for years were coming on full force as my body started making room for Patrick. I was getting to the point where it was hard to stand up after laying down when I got home from work. But here I am in week 33 and I am feeling much better! 
Afterwards, Bobby wanted to go to "Chick-Away" so we stopped in there for some nuggets and fruit. It was so pretty out that I decided at the last minute that if C-Town Park wasn't crowded then we were stopping. I of course said nothing to Bobby and when we got out of the car, he got a HUGE smile on is face and ran to the playground. We stayed for about an hour and little man passed out on the way home, sweaty and covered in dirt. :)

Sunday was my unofficial spa day. After the usual Sunday Publix run (and a stop at BJs for Pullups and olive oil), I took a shower and left the boys in the backyard - fully engrossed in setting up Bobby's soccer goal.
I had a massage scheduled for later in the day so I made plans with Amanda to get our toes and eyebrows done beforehand. Then I headed back up to Lotus of Life for my massage. -I'm not kidding when I say I love this chiropractor. She has a massage therapist that works out of her office who needed a pregnant model for her website, so she referred me and in exchange, I got a free one hour massage. I never got one of these when I was pregnant with Bobby and - wow- it was awesome. It was just what I needed- especially since I had been feeling achy and uncomfortable all weekend. I swear I must of grown 2 inches in the belly overnight. I'm HUGE!!!
To top off a relaxing and rejuvenating few hours, I came home to a snuggly son and a large bowl of popcorn.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting closer...

It's been a while since I posted to say the least. A lot has changed here at Casa de Stenz.
Baby #2 should be here soon and I am getting increasingly more and more exhausted! Everyone tells you that it's harder with 2, but I never thought that it would start before the baby actually got here!

I'm in serious nesting mode right now and am (obviously) having trouble focusing at work.
Last weekend I reorganized kitchen drawers and cabinets and then went to town on my office- filed the mountains of old bills and important paperwork that I had let stack up the past several months. I also rearranged the bookcase a bit and updated the digital photo frame.

This weekend - it's time to hit up BRU for there annual trade in event. I can finally get rid of the co-sleeper that Bobby destroyed by jumping up and down on it and get a new one for baby boy.
That also means I need to get a new changing table for downstairs. Jacob doesn't think we need one since the PNP will be back in use, but Bobby is showing absolutely no signs of wanting to potty train no matter how many M&M's we bribe him with! I could change him on the floor, but with all hardwoods and the possibility of having another baby in the future...I think it's okay to say that we would get good use out of a $60 changing table. Besides- I am obviously never getting a dining room so I may as well allow the kid/baby stuff to completely take over that space.

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