Sunday, July 10, 2011


So, my newest obsession ...cloth diapers.  Who knew that wrapping fabric around my baby's tush could be so much fun?  It turns out both Jacob and I prefer prefolds and covers over the pockets.  I did end up getting a few more pockets and we use those for overnight diapers or as a quick change diaper for when we are out and about.  The laundry isn't hard at all and I actually like doing it.  Jacob even has our wash routine down and has been considerable help with making sure we always have clean ones.
One thing I think I like the most about cloth diapering is how it has pushed me to go more natural in other areas. I bought some coconut oil to use on Patrick's bum in case he gets a rash.  Moms on the different message boards I frequent constantly sing it's praises as being a cure-all and it's cloth diaper safe.  So I picked up a jar at a natural foods store.  That day I happened to come across an article that mentioned coconut oil as a treatment for eczema.  So I put some on Patrick's arms and feet which were still red and patchy.  I kid you not, in 3 days his inner elbows went from bright red to a light pink. and my ring rash is just about gone.  So I googled more uses for this wonderful oil (which is a solid oil and smells awesome!).  Apparently you can use this shit for anything! So I've portioned some out to keep up in our bathroom so Jacob can use it on his eczema and I can use it as a makeover remover and moisturizer.  I love this stuff!

Today I rearranged the dining room - which is our "kid room" and reorganized my changing table.  I have decided to phase out disposable wipes and use cloth wipes instead.  All of the baby washcloths that we got for Bobby are looking a little rough so I have designated these as butt wipes and bought some new, fresh wash cloths for faces and hands (we use a pouff in the bath tub).
So here is my table- it's a work in progress.  Any suggestions, tips or tricks are greatly appreciated.

I'm using a closed pail with a liner, but since I only have one liner sometimes it's an open pail with no liner :)
I also want to get some fun art or a picture or something to hang on the wall that Patrick faces when I change him so he has something interesting to look at (besides me, of course)

 Here are my baskets for wipes, wipe solution (water, a little bit of baby soap, tea tree oil and lavender oil) coconut oil, snappis, pins, etc. The drawers below hold extra elastics for my Fuzzibunz diapers, hats, extra wet bag and various other doo-dads.
 The top row of bins holds (L to R): prefolds and covers, pockets and inserts and then pull-ups and underpants for Bobby. I would love another dozen prefolds since I sent half of mine over to Karen's house and a few more fun covers.  Right now I have 4 white Bummis whisper wraps and 3 covers that are printed.  All of these get rotated between our house and Karen's.
 The bottom row of bins: onesies/ sleep sacks ect., receiving blankets, hand towels

So that's it! I love it and am kinda kicking myself for not doing this with Bobby! Oh well, I'll just have to have another one!

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